Sunday, October 28, 2012

Humming Birds, Rabbits, Goats ,Oh My!

What we didn’t know when we rented the house was that you can keep live stock. There is a habit among the landlords to rent the house but the yard you share with live stock owned by someone else. Our house has come with goats. Up the road the rental house yard has ostriches, one big and one small with a guard dog to protect them.I still haven't been able to get a photo of them.

 Then there is our humming birds, which we spend lots of time watching as well as the rabbits that live in the front of our house, plus all the birds that fly in and out of the river area. The house behind us has a rooster than starts to crow before dawn. I kind of like waking to his sound and then the goats join in, a man comes to feed the goats sometime after dawn. Though I like the sounds of the goats I have yet to get near them. The photos taken from our roof deck. I heard there had been chickens here for the last tennet and horses in the vacant building lot next door. There is a horse ranch along the river just east of us and we watch the horse walk to the beach everyday all saddled up with no riders. They are the horses for hire. At the end of the day they return on their own. Sometimes with no person in sight. 

Well, after the warm winds we have had perfect warm beach weather and blue skies. A delight to be out enjoying our long beach walk and local shopping. We bought some local art to decorate our very blank walls. Off to walk Patch on the beach. Life is good.

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