Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The count down is on!

Patches is busy romping in the over grown kudzu in our rain soaked yard today while I am busy preparing the house for leaving. We are both so glad the sunshine has returned after the flood like conditions of the past couple of days. I am finding is there seems to be many last things to do around the house along with the last of the packing. Next comes the "fun" part packing the car up. Right now we have been making a pile of must haves in the dinning room. The pile seems to be growing all on its own. I'm sure we are going to have to re-think some of the items...do you really, really need this or that. We all have so much stuff and think we need to have it around us...the what if's...then we will be so glad that we have this or that. The truth is most of the time the what ifs don't happen and if they do there will be a way to handle it.

My biggest challenge in packing is all my electronic toys that "I must have". Then I laugh and say really do you need two laptops and a notebook or three digital cameras and two camcorders....then comes,but I use this one for....etc. So far I have only been willing to leave the big desktop computer and wonderful 24 inch flat screen monitor behind knowing that it just wouldn't travel well. For now the rest is on stand by to see what fits in the car.

Hope you are all having a wonderful day enjoying the fresh clean air after the rains.

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