Thursday, October 11, 2012

Hanging Out at the Ranch

Our second day of relaxing. It is so nice to slow down and feel the warm breezes blowing across the desert, while watching the flowers dance in the wind. There are fruit trees and flowers planted around the house and patio, even some green lawn for the dogs to hang out on. There is a kind of peacefulness to the desert that is hard to explain, maybe it is that very few people live around here, no sounds of neighbors or cars to be heard. Great place to relax and just BE. Rachel and Randi moved here 5 years ago for the wonderful weather. I asked for a quote and "They love living here for the community and sunshine. You can be outside all the time." Looking forward to the party and meeting their friends.
 Patches seems to be enjoying the hanging out, too, with the chewy that the girls, (the two sweet little dogs who live here) gave him or should I say they don't seem to mind that he  is chewing up their little bone chew. We are all having a kind of laid back day, which the surroundings so invite. I have wandered around with camera in hand...wanted to share the landscape with you, chatted lots and checked my email, had a couple of meals, all in all you could call this a very lazy day with delightful sunshine and family. Patches is telling me it time for his dinner...guess I will go fix his dinner and check on the cats.

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