Thursday, October 4, 2012

The Magic Trunk

Okay, sometimes it is nice to own a big gas-guzzler of a car. The trunk is awesome. I thought no way is all this stuff going to fit, but it has with room to spare. I get to bring all my electronic toys and the box of books I was going to ship to myself. It's my dad's car and he loves it. He is 6'2" and likes having a comfortable car, his classic Mercy Marquis. It sure doesn't handle like my Toyota, but I'm getting a new appreciation of the "full size" car with the magic trunk!

While I type both my cats are trying to sit on my lap.....not going to work. Today is my kick back and rest a day before starting the "big" drive. Guess I will turn my lap over to the cats and read a book. Every have 25 lbs of cats on your lap?

Photo- Tyler waiting to get back on my lap before Lucylu can.

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