Sunday, May 2, 2010

Welcoming Spring

After a very harsh winter spring is so awesome. The stuff of inspiration, poems and paintings.

I welcomed spring the other day by sharing a walk in Atlanta's Botanical Gardens with a visiting friend. The sun was so pleasant on our bare arms and the tulips were just passing their peek. We stopped to watch an artist painting at his easel under an old favorite tree with the majestic sky scrapers of steel and glass rising from the edge of the garden's wrought iron fence beyond the tree line. I thought in passing maybe I should take up painting again. It looked so fun standing at the easel dabing colors on a canvas. Then I remembered when I tried painting outdoors, my problem was getting lost in day-dreams and forgetting to paint and then the light would change or it would be time to go home. I found that I enjoyed photography more. It so quickly captures the moment and can move on or stop and contemplate the scene before you.

Sharing a perfect spring day with a friend walking, photographing, chatting, surrounded by beauty, what more could you ask for, well maybe some chocolate. I hope you too, are enjoying and sharing this spring!