Sunday, October 7, 2012

Road Trip Day One

"Are we there yet?"
It's officially a road trip now with the first day behind us. We are all settling in for the evening, with Patch on the bed and with Lucylu up on the high closet shelf overlooking the room and Tyler demanding my attention as I type by rubbing is head on the laptop. The cats serenade us with their loud meows for the first hour of the trip, but finally they settled in to napped all day. We had a easy day's drive today, with a nice lunch stop in Birmingham were I got see an interesting mosaic wall and fountain with a nice walk around downtown park for Patch. The same park where last year I was at a large civic rights rally,  protesting the new Alabama immigration law like Arizona's law, today was idyllic with Saturday shoppers and families picnicking.
Now we are in Jackson, MS for the night. I collected a few interesting facts about Jackson, it is the state capital and claims to be one of "America's Most Livable Cities". It is known as the crossroad of the South and as a motto of "City with Soul" and you may ask why? Well, since 1968 it has been the home of Malaco Records one of the leading record companies for gospel, blues and soul music. Okay, here is the most interesting fact I found on Jackson, it sits atop the Jackson Volcano. The peak of the volcano is located 2,900 feet directly below the Mississippi Coliseum.
Now it's sunday morning and we had a good nights sleep. Time to fine a breakfast place in this most liviable city.

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