Friday, October 5, 2012

On The Road....!

Okay, finally the car is packed, the passports in hand, the GPS programmed, the hotel reservations made, and the good-byes said, time to hit the road!  We take off at dawn tomorrow heading west on  I-20 all the way through Texas until it merges with  I-10 in the far western part of Texas. We have a 2250 mile ride ahead of us, which should be interesting, long boring, and maybe even a little stressful at times. Some of the route I have been on before, some of it will be new. I looking forward to the journey from lash green of the South through the desert of the Southwest. We are crossing all of Texas through the widest part then entering Arizona near the at the Mexican border to visit with my cousin for a few days. She has a ranch with her partner just outside of Douglas, AZ a small desert town that is cut in half by the border wall.  We won't be crossing into Mexico there, do to the lack of roads and high mountains in that part of Mexico. We will stay on I-10 going on to California to cross at Tecate a little Mexican town famous from the beer that is brewed there and named for the town. Around the town of Tecate is know as the wine country of Baja with world class wines, I understand. At one time I lived in the wine country of California enjoying the drive through vineyards along the really is a lovely sight. It should be a delightful ride through these Baja vineyards and on out to the coast to our winter digs.

I don't know how my internet or ambition will be for posting in this blog a long the way, but I will post when I can. I plan to find public art in the places we visit. It is always a fun treasure hunt to drive around and sight see for Art. It was one of my goals for this blog, (being the retired art teacher that I am), I just love to fine community art projects. They are an insight into the contemporary local community as well as celebrating the diversity and creative energy of the community. The art is sometimes truly remarkable and inspiring to me. Great fun to create a photo collection of the places I've been through the eyes of the public art.

Thank you for all your thoughts and wishes. I love reading them on FB. Here is the map of our route to our winter home in Rosarito Beach or as it is in Spanish, Playas de Rosarito.


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