Thursday, April 4, 2013

Last Blog from Baja

Greetings Friends,
Well this is my last blog for Baja, Mexico, soon the internet will be gone, (we need to turn in the modem to the phone company). The reservations for the hotels along our route home have been made, and the packing is nearly done. We gained so much stuff that we are shipping home a few boxes. My dog got a new wonderful doggie bed, which is very, very large, but fits him just perfect and he loves it, we decided it would be nice for him to keep it plus just stuff.  Along with the process of packing and leaving the house here, it has been the saying good-bye to the new friends we have made and the last taste of food at the favorite restaurants. I’ve not taken my last walk on the beach yet and our view of the ocean all these months will be missed.  There has been wonderful surprise to our stay here and much that has inspired me. For all my GMUUC and GA Mtn. Family friends, I will see you April 21th. We plan to be home the 18th trusting that the weather is kind to us and we can make our ride trip as planned.

I find it hard to write this…I think I have already talked about my experiences here so much that you must be bored with them by now.  For most of our time we did get into a rhythm of activities from beach walks, art classes, restaurants, sightseeing and trips to San Diego. So, really it has been one long vacation, but in saying that it has also been so much more. A chance to really connect with people here, see the seasons change from fall, winter to spring. Find a kind of inter strength that comes from living in a foreign country. There are so many little challenges I didn’t realize I would have to navigate. Just like most vacations as they come to a close you hope you will return and you are renewed by the experience. I am grateful that we have internet and know that I will stay in touch with some of my new friends. Thank you to all the people who enriched these past few months, each of you have been a blessing to my life.

I will write when I get back home and tell you all of my homecoming! Hugs, AJ
Lucy dreams of traveling home