Thursday, November 1, 2012

Tricky, tricky, Holloween

Tricky, tricky, Halloween the children chanted in a chorus, like Christmas carolers in front of each house and dressed in costumes. Then you went out and gave them candy. This is the Baja Halloween we had last night. Today and tomorrow is the celebration of El dia de los muertos or Days of the Dead. On these days you celebrate and invite the spirits of your deceased relatives. November 1 is for the adults and November 2 is for the children. The ghosts and skeletons aren’t the ones of Halloween all evil or scary, they are your loved ones to be invited back to share the day with a colorful celebration featuring bright orange marigolds, colorful paper cut-outs and sugar skulls and pastries that are meant to be eaten.  You place on a table on the favorite treats of the deceased and photos of them, making the table colorful and inviting.
Tomorrow, Nov. 2,  I am going to an artist event at a local women’s home and we are going to learn all about the celebration and how to make the paper cut outs. I am pleased that I found out about it and can join the group.

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