Friday, February 21, 2014

Happy Hearts and Other Wonderful Things

It has been a long time since I wrote a blog and much has happened in my life. Mostly I have been focused on my health. Waiting and then healing from my heart value surgery, the healing part is still in process with the start of rehab next week. I have never had surgery before and really didn’t know what to expect, even with all the info the doctors and my own research gave me. My only comment, it was all much harder than I could possibly image and I am so grateful for all the support I received from friends, family and community. Next week I start the rehab which is going to really be a investment of my time, but I’m sure well worth it. It will be for the next 12 weeks…so no traveling to sunny places in my near future. The rehab is both educational and exercising to build my stamina. Then I will be ready for late spring and summer hikes. 

For Valentines we decided it was time to adopt a doggie. The household just isn't the same without a dog. Thanks to our snow days I spent lots of time online looking a dog breeds, and dogs available at our local shelter. There were a couple of dogs at the local shelter that caught my eye and then I dreamed about the one and decided that she just might be the one to welcome into our home. She had been at the shelter for awhile, 18 months old and would rather be loved on than get treats. So, after making a trip to the pets store for supplies we went to meet her at the shelter on Valentines Day. Now Daisy looked to me very different than her pics, but for sure she was a love. After taking her for a walk around the grounds and to the car to meet my dad we adopted her.  The shelter had called Daisy a golden retriever mix. I really don’t think she has any golden in her, she is a chow mix….she so looks like a chow, but very blond with a black under coat. She even has a large spot of black on the back of her tongue and the little chow ears with a short stocky body.  We really know nothing about her other than she is happy to come live with us and is a love. With the snow gone I’m now out walking everyday. Daisy is a wonderful motivator to get me off the sofa. The cats after having the run of the house for these many months since Patches death are adjusting, but are not thrilled. LucyLu has almost warmed up to Daisy, but Tyler is still in hiding mode. I don't think Daisy even knows that we have two cats not just the one. Daisy sleeps in my dad's room giving the cats the run of the house at night and they both still get to peacefully sleep on my bed. 

One final comment. Today we are going to bring my artwork to the Bowen Gallery in Dawsonvilee to be hung in a group show of the Chestatee Artist. The reception will be March 1 and I hope you can join me in the celebration or stop by a check out the show during March. Here is a link for my far away friends. This is the first of many shows I will be in this spring. So, fun to be exhibiting and involved in the art communities,again.  (Link)    

Daisy on Valentines Day with her new toys

Daisy with her new "I Woof You" Scarf
Snow Days

AJ in Studio