Wednesday, March 25, 2009

New Orleans Public Art

While visiting New Orleans the other week I found awesome art made from the debrus left after Katrina. They are powerful and moving public art creations. The first one is a tree with a house in it that is located across from the Convention Center. The tree is fabricated out of recycled oil drums creating a lively patchwork of colors.

Located at

Convention Center Blvd. @ John Churchill Chase St.

Artist Sally Heller- Her Artist's Statement:

Like so many remnants of cultural debris left dangling from branches brought after Katrina, Scrap House is a monument to nature’s unpredictable powers. Like all my work the piece is made from common materials and recycled elements, including the bark of the tree, which was fabricated by Travis Linde out of recycled oil drums.

Here is another amazing piece of art from scrapes of houses is artist Eric Dallimore's Wave. It is Located at

Longue Vue House and Gardens on 7 Bamboo Rd.

Artist's Statement- Eric Dallimore:

These colorful pieces of wood were once living forests. Through man’s resourcefulness they became a part of New Orleans homes and history. By nature’s power, they became refuse. With an imaginative and open mind this material is given a new life as a work of art, and thus presents an alternative to a society which “takes, makes and wastes.

Salvaged from:
7035 Derbes, 6209 Worrington, 742 Lupe St., 1439 Mithra, 5519 Wildair, 5509 Wildair, 1632 Charleston, 1624 Mirabeau, 1915 Duels, 2063 N. Johnson, 2125 N. Johnson, 2117 St. Roch, 2262 N. Roman, 2748 Dreux, 5511 Baccich, 4956 Demontluzin, 4954 Demontluzin, 2687 Jonquil, 2484 Gladiolus, 2745 Acacia, 2669 Acacia, 3801 Fairmont, 1458 Magazine, 826 Cambronne, 824 Cambronne, 8324 Oak, 1815 Hamilton, 4714 St. Peter.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Part 2 Galveston

Here are a few more photos from Galveston Island. People are very frustrated with the lack of suport from FEMA. I really wonder why we have bail out money for banks and money for wars but no money to back care of our own. As I drove under one of the signel lights I noticed it was being held together with dock tape. This hurriacane happend back in July and still there is so much to be done.

Visiting Galveston and Gulf Shores

Greetings from Galveston. I am setting here looking out at the Gulf shimmering in the sunlight through the railing of my second floor balcony. Then I turn to my vision scene along the shoreline and it is filled with trucks dump sand and tractors moving it about in a reconstruction effort to reclaim a lost beach. The is much damage here still from hurricane Ike. Instead of a peaceful walk on the beach I am becoming a photo journalist for the day taking images of storm place. The shoreline had much debris that locals set among while fishing. Find Hotels where abandon and I wondered if they will be rebuilt. As I looked about on this beautiful spring I wondered at the power of the wind to recreate so much distraction in a very short time and if this place will ever return to what it once was as a beautiful Gulf shore resort area.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Visiting Huston, TX

Greetings from Houston Day 2 , The afternoon I went to the Art Car Museum , artists turn cars into colorful artistic themes then drive them in Houston’s annual art car parade. There were a few of these cars on exhibit as well as a local changing auto related art exhibit. The current exhibit was tire art. Artist use found pieces of old tires and turned them into art! This was a very amazing…who would ever think you could make art out of old found pieces of tires…some women did…yes Women not men created this amazing art. The exhibit future 4 local women artists! Following my art event I walked in the downtown park and enjoyed the flowers and cityscapes then on to a restaurant dinner with new friends and lively discussions.