Thursday, October 25, 2012

Welcome to Baja- A lesson in Patience

Well our first week here has passed quickly and we all have had major internet withdrawal.  This week we have both feelings of overwhelm by challenges of culture and peace of the quietude from our great room or roof deck where we can spend hours gazing at the ever changing waves crashing to shore or watching the sunsets.  There have been a few truly awesome sunsets out our front windows and a few that lacked color as the sun dropped into the fog bank that was blanketing the horizon. The fog was settled in around us the first few days which kept us off the beach, but when we finally did walk down to the beach Patch was like a puppy again.  Patches did a happy dance and charged the waves and rolled in the wet sand….his joy was just like a young child it was quiet infectious.  Our beach has horses for hire to ride down the beach and food vendors to enjoy. The main snack at the food vendors  is a fresh coconut prepared for you while you watch, she starts by cutting the top off and pouring the coconut milk into a clear little plastic bag tying a knot in the top of the bag and putting a straw through the knot for you to drink the juice. Then the coconut meat is cut away from the shell and into pieces making the coconut became a bowl of fresh pieces, next she covered them with a few differ powers from shakers turning it bright red and then a fresh squeezed lime juice….usually a few dashes of hot sauce to top it off. We passed on the hot sauce. We sat in the red plastic chairs and sampled our new treat. Not a foodie, but decided it wasn’t going on our new favorite treat list. We were glad we tried it, fun to watch it being prepared, but ……. 

We have found many wonderful places to dine out. My fav is Pico Cielo which is very near the house and right on the beach. I had the most yummy chile rellenos . We sat on the patio and watched the sunset. Then there is the fun place called the Splash, which is very popular with expats. They have a great US type breakfast menu as well as a few traditional dishes. The Splash has a patio deck that sets on an out crop of rocks and the waves splash at times over the first row of tables.
One thing I do know that our days here well continue to be filled with surprise, things will become more familiar with time and perhaps a little less confusing.  Well they say new experiences help to keep young. I guess I became pretty youthful this week. In fact it sometimes had very humbling moments. Not true that it is bi-lingual around here.  My friend has had to do all the talking in Spanish, and I feel like a little kid just being there not knowing what is being said. The hardest being the phone company and ordering the WIFI all info in Spanish and written instruction all in Spanish….a challenge even for my friend, but between us we muddled through and got a sign to place on the house for the service person to find us. There are no house numbers on the houses even though we do have a house number to our address. 

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