Thursday, January 31, 2013

Spring is in the Air

cactus in bloom


Chickens in our yard


Well plants are blooming and there are green grasses around which is so lovely to see. The hills are all turned green….my artist soul is happy to have more of nature being colorful. I can’t believe it is already spring and it is only the start of February… glad to miss the Georgia winter. We have had a few days of rain and even some pretty heavy rain for a short time which has really helped plants to bloom. But it has also caused us problems with our dirt roads around here. We have a few flooded places and some pretty deep mud. Alma got to meet a couple of really nice and helpful neighbors when her car sinks in the mad at the end of our street when she was trying to come home after the rains had stopped. They had to use a shovel to dig her wheels out. We still have some impassible places but did go off to do art with the children yesterday. They are so creative!

Today was just this picture postcard kind of day, so I went out and took a few photos on the hillside in front of the house. There are such different plants around here, Patch and I enjoyed the walk. Then went to lunch and saw dolphins jumping in the waves, while we enjoyed a yummy lunch on the patio of one of our favorite restaurants.  The other week it was gray whales while eating lunch on this same patio, a wonderful place to hang out and so nice to have a very relaxed lunch out in the sun.  On our return drive home we so the man who owns the goats, which we haven’t seen in a while and wondered if they had become dinner. So, we ask about them and found out he sold them to a farm nearby for breeding stock. So, “our” billy goat is now enjoying his days with the lady goats….we are so happy that he didn’t become dinner! Still we do miss him, he was really fun and Pipi, the dog, seems to miss him, he has been coming to visit more and checks the yard like he is looking for his goats. Billy goat and Pipi were raised together.  We have heard about how cute they were when they were little. Speaking of pets, Tyler the big cat, has finally come out of the closet during the day! He has always slept with me, but during the day he has been hiding in a box ever since we came to this house. I have worried that he isn't getting any glad to see him around the house during the day. In fact he has decided to even hang out with Lucylu the black cat who is the younger one and been in the household a couple of years now, but Tyler would have nothing to do with her.  At night they each sleep on a different side of the bed keeping the Patches between them and pretending the other isn't there. They both like the dog, which is a good thing. Though my bed gets a little crowded.

Enjoy the photos I posted on FB. Wishing you all sunny days.
Tyler and Lucylu during the day

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