Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year

City of South Pasadena Rose Parade Float

This morning I woke to the TV going and it was cold, cold, cold. The pre show for the Rose Parade was under way and so I started watching it. Then at 8:00 am the parade started. It was very cold there too.  I enjoyed watching and glad I wasn’t there out in the cold…instead I was cozy warm as I sat in front of my little electric heater. This year’s  floats were as always amazing creations,  many of them have awesome animated parts. Much to my surprise the float I worked on also was animated, the ship part rocked back and forth as if riding the high seas. It was really exciting to see it all finished and I did feel a connection to it since I worked on the letters on the side of the float. Working on a float was just what I thought it would be, very rewarding. It was getting my fingers covered in glue and being very patience as I glue each little dried flower petal down. It was being for just a little while part of a creative community working together.

I wish I had something profound to say about the experience, but I don’t. Like many things we do in life we look forward to the event, we enjoy the event and then we have the memory and maybe lots of photos of the event. Our lives are made up of all these little memorable events and we enjoy talking about them and sharing the photos. So, even when it was something on my “bucket list”. All I can say about it is it was great fun, wish I had done it soon and hope I can get a change to do it again. It was just what I thought it would be, a change to be crafty and to see an amazing artistic creation come to life. Creating sculpture out of living plants is wonderful temporary creation like building sand castles at beach…. With floats it takes months of work and planning and a whole community of people to bring the creation to life. Then after a few days on display…I guess they recycle the materials that they can for next year’s creation and all the plant matter becomes mulch.  

So, now I am wondering what is next on my bucket list to be done….do I even have a bucket list…no not really. Maybe I should make one. What dreams are you wishing to work on in 2013? Happy New Year Everyone!

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