Saturday, September 14, 2013

Fall is in the Air

Scarecrow with old computer for head

 Well the days were hot with the start of Fall, but it has turned pleasantly cool in the evenings and  the driveway starting to be covered with browning leaves. The trees on our street seem to be just dropping leaves with no fan fare of Fall Colors…well darn that is the best part of Fall.  I know so many folks are nostalgic about the seasons, but I’ve yet to get the hang of it. It is nice to have less heat and humidity, but I hate it when all the green goes with the trees all bear and it starts being really cold. At least for now the weather has turned pleasantly mild and not so wet. It’s a great time to get out for a hike or two. Or like I did the other day after having lunch in the square with a friend, we walked around Dahlonega Square to see the scarecrows,.  This year there are some really amazing entries. Our art group and my church rate high on my list, but so many others are that are pretty cool as well. This is an annual community fund raising event that welcomes in the Fall with creativity and ingenuity, generating funds for literacy.  They are in front of business all over town, with the community voting on their favorite one by picking up a ballot at any local business and casting a vote. The prize is a blue ribbon and photo in the local paper.  The fun of living in a small town!

The artist group that I belong to had our monthly meeting this week. The group has started the process of becoming a non-profit, which is something that takes lots of thought on how we want to structure the organization, which generated some length discussions at our meeting. Kudos the group who have been researching and putting the bylaws together along with a great deal of needed paperwork for the state.  We do have some exciting up coming art events as well, including our annual Christmas Fair November 23-24 and gallery shows next spring.

Otherwise life seems to be filled with health issues of aging family, friends and pets…..sometimes it can be challenging to be in my age group, all the stuff one never gave any thought to when they were young is now part of our daily lives.  Well time to get back to the paints and then maybe a walk, it looks like another fine Fall day.
The Super Artist by Chestatee Artist
by Georgia Mtn. UU Church
by Habitat for Humanity

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