Thursday, August 1, 2013

Summer ‘s Movin’ On

Dawn from my yard

Here in the South school starts next week, so there are big displays of school supplies in our local stores. This does make me a bit nostalgic. I can’t help, but pause at these displays and wonder are you sure you don’t want a new notebook or binder or that teacher calendar….  Sometimes its’ these silly little moments that happen with retirement. I’ve been retired 5 years now, you would think my work life would be far in the past, but sometimes it still pops up just for an instant. Mostly I love being retired, though not to fond of the getting older part of it.


This past week I found it was time to replace one of my early Peace Poles. It had become weathered and didn’t look all that great. As an artist, I really hate to see my artwork looking old and worn. Just like a house needs repainting, a painted peace pole only will hold up only so long in the harsh weather conditions of sun, rain and snow. So, without much fanfare, other than taking a few pics we took out the old and put in the new. The new one is nice and colorful, a fine welcome to our church.

Other news, dad is doing okay, and we continue to explore how to make the house more accessible for a walker.  Our next big project will be to put a ramp in at the front door. For now he is managing the back door with a cane, the walker wouldn’t work at either door. It would be nice if we designed houses for aging occupants when they are built. Seems like things would be so easy to do right from the start and I bet not even make much of a cost difference. As a culture we don’t want to think about getting old yet with luck it happens to most of us. “They” are always commenting on the invisibility of seniors and this really is another example of that.

One final news item: Patch and I took another walk in the woods this past week, which was a delight with no rain clouds in sight. Will time to return to my painting, I am busy with a new painting. Hope you are finding a fun project to fill your summer.
View on our walk

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