Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Another June Day

"Thanks, this is really comfortable"

My goodness it is already the middle of June. The time has been flying by since our return to North Georgia. Yesterday the bathroom renovation got underway and great progress has been made. Today there is all new plumbing going in for the new shower. Tomorrow the new sink will be installed and then it will be my turn to do the finishing of laying new tile and painting. This will be my weekend project. It already looks so different in there. The new shower is taller than the old bathtub with shower surround so it just really changes the look of the room. It was such a busy day and so nice to have the sunshine back. Everything somehow seems better when the sun is shining bright on all the green we have around here. I'm still have not  use to seeing so much green.  Living in Baja really changed my vision for the world around me.  I grew up in the suburbs of San Francisco and there just always were nice mature trees, and manicured gardens all around me. Something I just took for granted. Now I really notice them and don’t take them for granted. 

Today I’m off exploring local shops in Clarksville, it is a little town east of us that I’ve mostly just driven through on my way to someplace else. A friend invited me to join her for lunch and a little exploring. I've heard they have some nice little galleries, so it will be fun to check them out. Other news, my painting series is going well…though there are moments when the cats want to get involved that doesn’t always work so well. LOL Tonight it is dinner with a group of friends at a local Mexican Restaurant, always a delight. I'm still playing with my iPhone and got a flashlight app on it and bought a really fun ringtone. So, life is good, I’m enjoying the start of my summer. Hope you are too.

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