Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Roses, Flags and Art

Roses on the square
Now with spring the season of festivals begin in the mountain towns near me. The past couple of weekends I‘ve enjoyed hanging out in Dahlonega’s art scene. Last weekend it was the Mountain. Flower Art Festival. A misty day with off and on light rain, filled with enthusiastic artists showing their arts and crafts under tented cover. It was fun to be welcomed back by many local friends and chat with the artists a few of the artist belong to the art group that I belong to, the Chestatee Artists. It was a day of running into people I know, getting lots of hugs and being inspired by what other artist are doing. The rose bushes around the square were blooming, which added to the charm. The town of Dahlonega is a mountain in north Georgia not far from me, where I go to church and belong to an art group that meets once a month at the chamber of commerce.  Dahlonega is a very popular local tourist destination, only an hour from Atlanta, with it’s wineries, restaurants and unique shops around a quaint town square where often mountain music is played by local musicians. In the center of town there is a old courthouse that now houses the gold museum and is the heart of a very picturesque old southern town square. Dahlonega is the first place that gold was discovered and had a working mine for 1828 years, 20 years before the Calif. gold rush. 
Mtn.Flower Art Fest

Letty and Oscar Rayneri-Chestatee Artists

This weekend we enjoyed sunshine, so a friend and I decided to poke around in Dahlonega’s shops and galleries in the town square; then enjoyed ice tea on the patio of Shenanigan’s. The southern tradition of ice tea is one of things I have come to love about living here, something I really missed while living in Baja.  For Memorial Day weekend the courthouse and square was filled with American Flags. I came of age near Berkeley during the Vietnam War and joined my fellow students in protest marches against the war. As much as I would like to say I am proud to see the ol’ red, white and blue flying, I can’t really say that. I’m very saddened by the fact this country is still at war in parts of the world and young people are still dying in the name of servicing this country. I was born on the 3rd of July so, there was always the big 4th of July celebration right around my birthday with lots of flag waving, as a small child I thought it was for my birthday along with the fireworks.  In Baja every town center has a giant Mexican flag waving and the most popular presentation of Mexican food is to have the colors of the flag on the plate, green, red, and white, which is kind of fun. My hope for our future Memorial Day Celebrations is that we are Celebrating Peace.

In front of a shop

Fudge Shop

Dahlonega Square-Old Courthouse
Gallery on the Square

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