Saturday, March 30, 2013

My week in review

I had my last a delightful weekend adventures in San Diego. I went to the UU Fellowship of San Dieguito in Solana Beach, which is in north San Diego for a concert of Emma’s Revolution. They are one of my favorite duos. They give voice to social justice activism with inspiring, uplifting and thought provoking songs.  I often wear their Salaam, Shalom, Peace t-shirt and love to listen to their CDs…..what can I say, I am a big fan of these young women.  I stayed in the Hillcrest neighborhood at my friend’s apt. and enjoyed walking around the neighborhood, especially the art store across the street. Saturday morning after a yummy local café breakfast and watching  the people go by walking their dogs in the early morning fog I went down to the Saturday market in Little Italy. The sun came out and the market was packed with shoppers and blocks of vendors give out samples. I tasted red walnuts, different flavors of hummus, fudge made with sea salt, not so sure I’m a fan of that or the green smoothie sample.  Then on to the art store down the street and found the paint supplies that I wanted….the other art store was out of my colors, who knew orange was a popular color. Then a slice of pizza at the sidewalk café made a perfect lunch along with a little people watching. Next came an afternoon on the beach….that felt sooo Southern California and was lots of fun to be out enjoying the sunshine after most of a week in the fog. Part of me felt a little sad wondering when if I will ever return this way again….that is always the case with vacations. I have never before spent any time in the part of Calif. it is a lovely place.

Saturday market in San Diego
Monday we had the women’s art group which is always a delight and Tuesday Dad and I went to Ensenada for a little food shopping and out to lunch. We took the free road over the mtns., which is now covered in green grasses and wild flowers. There were wisps of fog lacing the mtns. The military stop has been removed, which I was happy about though I met a women at the Emma’s Revolution concert who lives right near there and she was not. She felt it added to her safety of living there., which has only big ranch lands all around and not many houses.  You may recall that is the one where the soldier gave me a hard time, the reason I’m glad I don’t have to deal with it anymore.

Sue, AJ and Eloise at Buena Vida

This is a Mexican postal carrier
It’s spring break around here which is a two week holiday. The families are filling the beach  with picnics, overnight camping, tents, dogs , children and loud music. It is all very festive. Yesterday, was my last art time with the children at Buena Vida and  we had an Easter party for them. They made Easter cards and to my surprise thank you cards for me…so sweet. I got lots of hugs and blessings all around. I am the one to thank them for they have enriched my time here so much. We had a plastic, candy filled Easter egg hunt followed by a pizza party, with soda and cookies, all a big hit. The all children put hot sauce on their pizza! We have a new American owned pizza place in town that made the pizzas and delivered them.
Well time to get back to my paintings and packing….the countdown is on….two weeks! One last comment, mailed myself a postcard on our whale trip and still waiting for it to come...they say Mexican mail is very ifie...I hope it makes it to our local address, thought it would make a fun keepsake.
Last sunday at UU church enjoying the outdoor service

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