Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Here's to Spring and Renewal

Greetings, I guess it has been awhile since I last wrote, this month has just raced by for me. I enjoyed a week in Florida. First I just love to fly. It is so awesome to have a different point of view high above the craziness of our human existence. It is so amazing to be up in the clouds looking down. Guess I still kind of have that God image I was taught as a child, with God looking down at us from the clouds, so now I’m in the clouds , looking down, too. How cool is that. Anyway, that is my child wonder thing, which makes me love flying. It is one of our modern miracles that is pretty cool. It took days of travel to get here by car and in a few hours I can be back on the east coast by plane. The hard part about that was the time change, I never did really adjust.

The main reason for my trip was to go to a Unitarian Universalist Conference in Orlando titled “Heal the World and Heal Yourself”.  It was a very inspiring Social Justice Conference with a new and different point of view. Sometimes we need to take a fresh looking at the social issues we are passionate about to find better solutions. I guess what I am to really say to all of you is I hope you find social issues that you are passionate about and lead a hand. We are all in this together really, it is one world, and it does need our help. I will share some of the websites of the keynote speakers from the conference, you might like to check them out and see if they expand your point of view. Canadian author and activist in Vancouver, B.C., Bruce Alexander (not .com but .ca). David Cobb- Move to Amend and Sister Patric Siemen, author and Prof.for the Rights of Nature: Earth Jurisprudence,

After the conference I drove down to Sarasota and visited my friend, Mary. I had a nice visit with her and fun to see her new house.  One evening we went to Fiesta Keys Beach for the sunset drumming. It is a really fun thing to do, a large crowd gathers on the beach at sunset making a big open circle where some people drum and others dance in the center of the circle, there is an instant community celebrating the setting of the sun over the Gulf. The visit felt to short as visits often do.  Now I’m back enjoying the Pacific and our sunsets. We are having a cool spring while the mid west is still getting snow. So, with light jacket in hand I feel very lucky. 

Today is art with the children and out to lunch. Then next week we drive 500 miles down Baja to go whale watching.  Other news, I am enjoying my art. I have started painting on wooden canvas I bought at the art store is San Diego and keeping a sketchbook journal.  Funny I made my students kept a sketchbook journal, drawing in it everyday, but I haven’t in years. I was reminded about keeping a sketchbook journal in an art magazine I read on the plane and I thought what a good idea….and laughed at myself.  So, my “new” activities are not so new, but time to dust them off and try them out, again. So, here is to Spring and renewal!

Sun raise above the clouds

Sun set at Fiesta Keys Beach

Break time at the conference

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