Monday, April 6, 2009

Carousel Horses

I found this delightful public art project just by chance. Around Town Carousels Abound is an amazingly fun outdoor public art project in Meridian, Mississippi. There are over 50 brightly decorated carousel horses created by the talented hands of local and regional artists each with their own theme and story . The horses have been sponsored by businesses and individuals and placed in prominent locations around the city. All proceeds from the project benefit Hope Village for Children.

Horsepower Artist: Joey Horne

Location: Weidmann's Restaurant 210 22nd Avenue

The brainchild of Debbie Martin and Jamie Cater. This permanent public art exhibit serves as a fun and fanciful display of artistic talent as well as financially benefits Hope Village for Children. “Around Town Carousels Abound is more than a collection of beautifully painted horses,” says Sela Ward (actress and founder of Hope Village) “It is a testament to what communities can do when they come together to help their least fortunate children.” Ms. Ward's active involvement in both the Carousel project and Hope Village is an affirmation of her love for the arts and dedication to children.

Since Meridian is home to our nation’s last original Dentzel Carousel, it makes perfect sense that our horses honor this treasured landmark. Each horse stands proud as a constant reminder of the imaginative spirit of childhood. Just as an adult lifts a child onto a carousel horse, so too does this project lift the children of Mississippi onto a road of hope.

The fiberglass carousel horses measure approximately 5' x 4' 11". Meridian is the first is the first city in Mississippi to join the national animals on parade phenomenon.

I'm enjoying this new treasure hunt of finding these animals on parade so off to see where I can fine more fun public art to share with you.

Location: Lauderdale County Courthouse 500 Constitution Avenue. Star-Spangled Pony Artist: Debra WilliamsonRuleau

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